Saturday, 7 June 2014

[ SETUP ] XDDoSeR v7.5 Botnet [ SETUP ]

CONTACT ME AT SKYPE : zkby2013 to get this complete setup

Chapters : 
1. Downloading xDDoSeR
2. No-IP Setup
3. Port forward
4. Exploring xDDoSeR
5. Building your bot
6. Testing + Installs

Chapter 1 : Downloading xDDoSeR
1. We'll start off by going to the download page, which is found here
2. When you're done, you should put all your xDDoSeR files into one folder like so : 

[Image: SA8sht9.jpg]

3. Once completed and downloaded, proceed to the next step!

Chapter 2 : No-IP Setup
1. Head to : and make a new account. If you already have one, great!
2. Login with your newly created account and click on "Add a Host"

[Image: EHeZTuH.jpg]

3. After that, you will be prompted with a screen that asks you for your hostname, domain, and all of that. Fill out only the hostname and the domain. Since xDDoSeR requires a 3 letter hostname and a domain as "", we will need to create a host with that layout. This is what mine looks like : 

4. Now download the DUC client and install it. Login with your credentials and select the host you have created.

Chapter 3 : Port forward
1. Click your Start button and open up Command Prompt (cmd.exe).
2. Type in "ipconfig" and find your Default Gateway
3. Since my default gateway is, I will enter that in my URL bar.
4. You will need to forward ports : 81 and 1994
5. Depending on your router, you will have to look up a port forwarding tutorial.

Chapter 4 : Exploring xDDoSeR
1. When you open xDDoSeR, you will see this screen : 

[Image: jVhixc8.jpg]

2. Enter in your desired username (mine will be Dark_Noodles) and click Add.
3. You will now see this very nice GUI : 

[Image: DwhKrra.jpg]
4. As you noticed, there are 4 columns (Locations, Connections, Ping, and Status). Those columns list information on your bot.
5. If you right click on xDDoSeR, you will notice there are more commands such as : Download Execute, Uninstall, Info, and Passwords.
6. There are other options where you can change the GUI options, but those are not necessary.
7. After that, everything seems to be cleared out. Let's move on the the next step.

Chapter 5. Building your bot
1. If you noticed, there are 2 files that came with xDDoSeR.exe and Bot Builder.exe
2. For this step, we will need Bot Builder, which will be building our bot.
3. Open it up and fill out your information. Mine looks like this : 

[Image: m9WioMW.jpg]

4. Now click Build! If you encounter an error, please comment so I can help you fix it.

Chapter 6. Testing + Installs
1. Once your bot has been built, click on it and you should see yourself appear on the connection list. To uninstall, simply rightclick on a client and click "Uninstall".

2. To DDoS, put in the IP and the port and hit "DDoS". To stop, click "Stop"
3. If you wish to get installs, I suggest going to YouTube and start spreading on there.

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