Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Make money from rats and botnets

Hi if you want to make money from rat and botnets i have a complete package for this for all worldwide coutumers

  • rat setup simple for 50$
  • rat setup with miner for 100$ 
  • rat setup with crypter that fud life time for 150$ update crypter every week 
  • botnet any u want simple for 50$ on a hacked hosting
  • botnet any with crypter lifetime for 100$ crypter update every week 
  • botenet and rat setup with miner and all stuff for 300$ will guide u how to spread the bot or rat with very simple ways and get more than 50 slaves per day 
  • Any kind of rat files u want just for 20$ we have all no backdored or binded
I will guide you how to make money from bitcoins and another way of making money with your slaves i am making 100$ in one day if u want me to help contact me 

no scam no rip off show u everything first with prooofs 100% legit seller on skype 

Contact me at skype : zkby2013

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